23 Thought Provoking Facts About Design


To an extent design is ambiguous and subjective. However, great design will accomplish three main objectives- it will inform, inspire and be memorable.

If a design accomplishes these three objectives, then it will be better than 99% percent of the graphic designs in the world.

We outlined some important design facts that you should keep in mind when building a brand, designing a logo or creating a new website.

General Design Facts

1. The human mind processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.

2. Over 90% of the transmitted information to the brain is visual.

3. Visual aids have also been found to increase the learning process by up to 400 percent.

4. According to a Daily Mail article, the brain takes just 33 milliseconds to determine whether it trusts a person or not. The same principle applies when someone is looking at your company branding, website and products. Poor design will translate to a lack of trust.

5. Consistent branding increases a person’s emotional attachment.

Logo Design

6. Your logo should be versatile and have the ability to be used on a wide variety of media.

7. People should be able to quickly identify your logo and associate it with your company.

8. A logo design should have a story to tell.

Website Design

9. A three-year-old website is probably outdated in 2016.

10. People expect the your website design to be friendly on their mobile devices

11. Your website should quickly tell a visitor what problem your company can solve for them.

12. Above the fold is myth. Hartbeat, a data analytics provider, analyzed data from 2 billion visits and found that “66% of attention on a normal media page is spent below the fold.”

Packaging Design

13. Information about the product should easy to find and read.

14. Good packaging design will highlight the reason a person should purchase the product.

15. Less is more.

16. Good packaging can be practical.

The Creative Process

17. You should trust the designer you hired. They are the professional after all.

18. The design process takes time and revisions. You must trust the process.

19. A good design team will research your product, industry and competition.

20. Make sure you select the right team to work on your next project.


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