3 Devastating Mistakes Your Brand is Making


Branding is a long-term strategy.

Entrepreneur.com defines branding as:

A marketing strategy that involves creating a differentiated name and image often using a logo and/or tag line in order to establish a presence in the consumer’s mind and attract and keep customers.”

Put a lot more simply, branding is all about consistency. 

Many companies in the put so much time into their products and services that they forget to create a unique brand experience.

1 – Mismatching product packaging

One of the biggest problems we see is inconsistent packaging from companies. Many companies offer several different types of products, but will rarely keep consistency in their branding. Each product looks so different from one another that it’s impossible for a consumer to recognize that the products are made by the same company.

Not only should your packaging be eye-catching and stick out on a shelf, but a customer should instantly recognize that the product is produced by your company. Having easily identifiable packaging and consistent branding will help increase repeat purchases and brand awareness of your products.

2 – Disjointed marketing channels

Another branding mistake that we often see companies creating an inconsistent brand experience across marketing channels.

Too often we see companies creating an inconsistent brand experience. When a customer visits your website, you should be presenting them with a similar experience that they will have in your store, using your products or working with your business. Again, the fonts, logo and color schemes should remain consistent amongst all channel print and digital.

Consistently branding your company throughout all marketing channels will help increase people recognizing your brand. Over time this allows people to create a relationship with your company as they try your company’s different products or services.

3 – Inconsistent brand experience

If you believe your business creates high-quality products, offers a unique experience or provides premium services, then your branding needs to convey that message.

People associate design with trust. You can have the best product on the market, but if your packaging does not reflect that same level of quality consumers may never try it.

If your website looks like it was built in 2005 or designed by your cousin in his basement, people are going to associate that online experience with what they will receive in your store, using your products or working with your company.

Your brand needs to have unique high-quality design work that resonate with your audience and backs up the superior quality of your products or the five-star service you provide to your customers.

Start building a consistent brand

The sooner you start building a consistent brand, the quicker your company can start reaping the benefits of having one.

If you start branding your company consistently now you are setting your company up for long-term growth.