5 Reasons Why October is the Perfect Time to Start Planning for 2016

October is the perfect time to set your business goals for the next year and begin to create strategies to achieve those goals.

We put together a list for you of the 5 reasons why October is the perfect time to start planning for 2016.

1. The holidays haven’t officially started. This means you don’t have to worry about holiday work parties, purchasing gifts or relatives coming into town. You can solely focus on your business.

2. You are giving yourself a three month head start on the year. This gives you ample time to focus and create some great strategies and plans for expanding your business in the New Year.

3. Time for approval. Creating your marketing plans in October gives either you, your partner and/or boss plenty of time to consider and approve your new marketing plan.

4. Give accounting a break. Once your business and marketing plan for 2016 has been approved, you will be able to properly allocate the funds needed to fuel your new business activity. Your accounting department will give you a thumbs up for getting this approved early.

If you are the accounting department, then you’ll feel relieved that you have already budgeted for business activities that will encourage growth for the next year.

5. Take a break. You will be able to enjoy the holidays more if you already know that you have a solid marketing plan laid out for 2016.

It’s time to start planning to make 2016 the best year yet for your business.

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