3 Changes Orange County Business Owners Need to Make to Their Website

You are losing customers, and you don’t even know it.

Think about that new car you have been eyeballing or the outfit that you have been debating about buying.

You are looking at it because it is aesthetically pleasing. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t be interested.

The same goes for your website.

You might be thinking the following:

  • Web design is not at the top of my list when I have a growing business to worry about
  • I’ll pay for high-quality web design when I have an excess amount of revenue
  • Most my business is from referrals so there is no need to update my website design

However, this mindset is wrong.

If your business is located in Orange County web design needs to be a priority.

You need to take into account all of the business that you could be losing due to poor website design.

In today’s highly visual society people associate good design with trust. Your website represents your business in the virtual world.

According to a Daily Mail article, the brain takes just 33 milliseconds to determine whether it trusts a person or not.

The same principle applies when someone is looking at your company online.

If it is hard to look at or poorly built, people are going to leave your site and go to competitors.

That is guaranteed.

The people who are leaving may never return because every time they see a web link to your business they will automatically think “poor website” and stay away.

If your website does not have any of these 3 features, then it is time update it.

Mobile Friendly Website Design

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A responsive website will display optimally on all different screen sizes, from today’s tablet to tomorrow’s next-generation device.

The number of people using their smartphones to search online is expected to increase from 8 million to more than 2 billion in 2016.

When it comes to website design, Orange County businesses need to have their products or services found by the vast number of users searching from mobile devices.

As the online search statistic indicates, the number of mobile users is rising astronomically.

If you aren’t targeting your website to be usable by mobile device users, you stand to fall behind those of your competitors who have embraced mobile friendly design.

Google announced that responsive design would officially become part of its ranking algorithm.

Responsive websites would officially be ranked higher in search results.

Websites that did not offer a mobile-optimized version would receive a lower ranking from the major search engines.

By putting in the effort today, you will save time tomorrow and ensure that your brand retains the visibility and market share it deserves.

Simple Navigation

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We all know those websites that have about ten to fifteen different pages on their navigation bar.

Those websites are a huge turn off to website visitors.

The more choices that you give a person, the less likely they are to make a choice at all.

It’s called the paradox of choice, and you can read more about it here.

Your website shouldn’t contain more than 8 different times on your menu.

The fewer the better.

The more you can seamlessly guide a user through your website, the less likely they are to leave your site, and that will improve your conversion rate.

To help you eliminate unnecessary pages from your website and move pages off of your menu, try to think about it from a user’s point of view.

After they land on your homepage, where are they going to go to next, or what more do they need to know before they take action on your website?

This could mean they move to the services page to learn more about your general services.

On the services page you can provide links that give more information on each service.

But, there is no point in having all of those services on your menu bar or even as a dropdown in your menu bar because not every person will be interested in those services.

In fact, getting a person to read through your list of services with a description of each on the page is extremely helpful and may even lead to an increase in sales.

This is because a visitor will discover they need a service they haven’t previously thought was necessary.

Not to brag here but we do a pretty good job of this on our marketing services page on our website.

Take a look and you get an idea of what I’m talking about.

Read through your whole website and find pages that you can eliminate and combine with other pages.

The less the user has to think about navigating your website the happier they will be.

It is important to remember that good navigation comes with good design.

Copy That Converts

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The writing that is on most websites is very poor. Most websites have way more content and writing than is necessary.

It is important to remember that the human responds much better to images than it does text.

However, that doesn’t mean website copy is irrelevant.

It is actually one of the most important aspects of your website.

Now that you have determined your brand personality and voice, it is time to write some amazing copy for your website.

Clean up Your Homepage

The best place to start is your homepage since it is probably the most visited page of your website.

Pull up your homepage and see if it can answer these four questions in 20 seconds or less.

  • Who are you?
  • What products or services does your company provide?
  • How can you solve a problem that your target customer is facing?
  • Why are you different from you competitors?

If someone can’t find the answer to all of these questions quickly on your homepage, then there is a good chance that they are going to leave.

Determine Your Value Proposition

After evaluating your homepage, you will want to create a list of features (or services), benefits and objectives about your products or services.

For example, if you are a wealth management company, you would write:

Features: Asset Management, Wealth Protection, Self-Directed Investment Services

Benefits: Our investments consistently outperform our benchmarks, Industry leading experts in wealth protection, 97% client retention rates

Objections: There are a myriad of different wealth management companies. How will your’s fit my needs?

Once you have this information written, draft an enticing value proposition. This value proposition is like your company’s pick-up line.

It should try to address the objective(s) that you that wrote earlier.

It is a brief few words that will entice the reader to keep learning about your company. There are many different ways you can structure a value proposition.

retargeting images

It can be a few sentences, or a headline with some bullet points or even just a few words.

For example, our hypothetical wealth management company value proposition could be:

Our Asset Management program consistently outperforms industry benchmarks, which is why we have a 97% client retention rate.

Remember Your ABC’s

Now that you have your value proposition, list of features, benefits and objectives. It is time to tackle the rest of the pages on your website.

Let all of the writing and discovery that you have done up to this point be the guide for copy on the rest of the pages.

There is just one thing that you want to keep in mind, and that is your ABC’s- but not the ABC’s that you are thinking.

ABC stands for Always Be Closing.

When writing your website copy, you want to always be closing the reader and persuading a visitor to take some sort of action on your website.

Whether that is to fill out a contact form, purchasing a product or entering their contact information.

It is important to remember that the intent of your copy is to drive a user to take a specific action on the webpage.

Orange County Web Design

If you are in Orange County web design is important for the success of your company.

Amazing website design can give your company a competitive advantage over your competitors and help you stand out online.

If you are interested redoing your website or updating it, download our guide below to help you choose the right graphic designer or design agency.