How To Build An Online Sales Funnel

Are you frustrated by your online marketing efforts?

Most businesses waste a lot of time, energy and resources on digital marketing.

Posting on Facebook just to post or tweeting just to tweet is a huge waste of time.

Writing daily blog posts that have very low read rates (less than 15 people per post) is also a waste of energy…

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How To Improve Your Physical Therapy Website in 3 Steps

As a Physical Therapist your main concern is taking care of your patients.

Improving their quality of life and reducing areas of pain is a top-of-mind concern. 

However, while you are doing everything you can to care for your patients inside your business you may be ignoring the quality of care you are delivering online…

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5 Marketing Strategies that Financial Planners Can Use to Attract Millennials

You have been presented with a $30 trillion opportunity.

Yes, that’s right, “trillion” with a “T.”

Right now, there is a $30 trillion transfer of wealth occurring in the United States.

It looks like this: 30,000,000,000,000, and it’s being dubbed  The Great Wealth Transfer.

This transfer began when the Baby Boomer generation started to pass along its life savings to its heirs. This is a process that is expected to continue for the next few decades…

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