Digital Marketing Stategies

Root Marketing’s unique nomenclature strategy allows us to get the most out of our clients’ ad spend with the ability to quickly analyze the intersection of the infinite variables at our disposal. This strategy allows us to breakdown ad sets and ad variables to promptly determine what is delivering the best ROAS and Cost Per Conversion.

BlackWolf top banner
Black Wolf Logo

Black Wolf launched in August 2018 and positioned themselves as an affordable men’s skincare company inside the marketplace.

Black Wolf was managing their ads internally but found that their cost per acquisition was too high and their average order value was below where they needed it to be in order to scale.

Root Marketing partnered with Black Wolf to help reduce their customer acquisition costs and increase their average order value. 

Root Marketing was immediately able to cut Black Wolf’s acquisition costs while increasing average order value. 

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Truff Hot Sauce

TRUFF Hot Sauce launched as the world’s first black truffle hot sauce. 

TRUFF needed a partner that understood how to acquire customers profitably while scaling aggressively to meet their goals. Root Marketing partnered with TRUFF to create its digital advertising strategy and execute it across multiple channels

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Original Tommy's Top Banner
Originals Tommy's

Original Tommy’s Hamburgers is a Los Angeles restaurant chain that is known for its mouthwatering chili burgers. The first location opened in May of 1946 and has since expanded to 33 different locations in Southern California and Nevada.

Original Tommy’s was looking to partner with an agency that could consistently drive customers to each of their locations while providing reporting and insight into each digital advertising campaign.

Root Marketing has been able to help boost Tommy’s brand awareness while also driving a significant increase in foot traffic and revenue to their locations.

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FlintRehab Logo

Flint Rehab develops fun and effective tools for clinic & at-home therapy for people who have had a stroke, spinal cord injury, or TBI. Their innovative devices today make rehab more fun and motivating than traditional tools. 

Flint Rehab needed a partner that could scale Facebook campaigns while maintaining profitability and could target a niche market on Facebook. 

Root helped Flint Rehab achieve a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 5.46 attributable ad spend.   

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Flint rehab
SkinPi Logo

Skin Pi is a startup cosmetic and skincare company that sells Korean beauty products to consumers in the United States. Skin Pi wanted to break into the U.S. Market by promoting their Color Correction Cushion Compact, a skincare product that is popular in Asian markets but has not caught on in the United States. 

Skin Pi needed a partner that could create and execute a digital marketing strategy as well as manage campaigns across multiple channels. 

Root helped Skin Pi achieve a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 3.00 attributable ad spend on Facebook selling their CC Cream.

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OneBlade develops the best single-edge razors in the marketplace. Their patented razor design is engineered to deliver zero nicks, cuts, bumps, or ingrown hairs.

OneBlade partnered with Root Marketing to increase the revenue that they had been generating from their Email list. 

In the first four months of working with Root Marketing, OneBlade was able to generate more than $375,000 (40% of total store revenue) in additional revenue through email marketing. 

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Global Formulas formulates the most powerful supplements in the fitness industry.

Global Formulas hired Root Marketing to implement a comprehensive email marketing strategy.  This included developing automated email campaigns and monthly email management. Root was responsible for the entire email program.

Within the first five months of working together, Root Marketing was able to grow Global Formulas’ email list by 1,097%. As well as implementing  high producing email campaigns that were responsible for 20%+ of store revenue.

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Tea Drops Logo
Tea Drops wanted to partner with an agency that could help them scale their ad spend on Facebook and Instagram. 
Root Marketing simplified Tea Drop’s Facebook account structure and worked with the brand to create creative assets that we knew would convert on the channel. 
The result was a 24.19% increase in ROAS while increase ad spend by 429.89%. 
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Tea Drops main image

Ad Design That Get Results!

From newsfeed ad placement to purchase decisions, we focus on marrying data with creative to efficiently move individuals through the customer journey. Our system allows us to test designs, copy audiences, and more as we identify what works best for your brand. 

Website design and development

Root Marketing’s intention when creating eye-catching web design concepts is to help increase leads and sales. The goal is to capture the highest conversion rate on your website as possible. Root Marketing has developed a specific formula that increases conversion rates. Let’s talk.

Print & Packaging Design

Our design process keeps you involved in each phase of development. While no two projects are alike, Root Marketing applies a comprehensive process that results in design that is customized for each of our clients. From discovery, design , refinement and final delivery,  together we will collaborate on phases and what works best for you.