Create A Premium Piece of Content

Create A Premium Piece of Content 

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Premium content is used to entice people to sign-up for your email list

Premium content is gated, meaning that a website visitor must provide you with their information in order to receive the content.

Premium content must offer an enormous amount of value to your audience.

The value that a website visitor will receive by getting this piece of content must be greater than the personal information you are asking them to give.

The less information you ask, the more likely individuals will fill out the form. 

This is why we traditionally recommend only asking a web visitor for a name and email address. 

Here is an example of premium content that a professional management firm could offer:

Build A Landing Page

You will want to add an additional page on your website that specifically encourages people to download your premium content.  

What is a Landing Page? 
A landing page is highly specific and used to drive a conversion action about a singular product or service. 

Landing Page Example

The sole purpose of this page is to encourage people to exchange their contact information for your premium piece of content.

If you have more questions about how to create a landing page or how to go about choosing a premium piece of content, Root Marketing is here to help! 

Root Marketing is a data-driven company. We utilize data to inform our decision-making process from creative development to landing page optimization.

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