Case Study: +6020% Growth in Online Traffic & Substantial Incremental Sales

Do you think Facebook ads are only for online businesses or eCommerce websites?

The Problem

Silverado needed to update their website and display a cohesive branding strategy across all marketing channels. Silverado also needed to increase the amount of foot traffic they were receiving at their warehouse in Vernon.

The Solution
Silverado Salvage And Design Root Marketing

Root Marketing worked closely with Silverado to develop a new logo, website and marketing collateral to reflect the company’s diverse services that they offer.

Once the new website was launched, Root Marketing began developing a marketing strategy for Silverado and put together an online sales funnel.

Sales funnel

Bi-weekly blog posts would be used to help attract visitors to the website and spread brand awareness. Monthly emails would help Silverado promote any major sales or promotion they were running during the month. Root came to the conclusion that Facebook would be the primary social media platform that Silverado would use to increase traffic. Driving traffic to their website as well increase physical foot traffic to their store. Root Marketing also determined that Instagram and Pinterest would be best to help increase brand awareness in the Los Angeles area.

Silverado Salvage And Design Root Marketing image

Silverado SalvageAndDesign Root Marketing Social

Before Root Marketing

Below are the social media and website statistics for Silverado before Root Marketing implemented their online marketing strategy and sales funnel.

Facebook: 206 Fans
Instagram: 445 Followers
Website Visitors: 60 users per month

Root Marketing implemented a digital marketing strategy that utilized Facebook advertising and blogging as the main vehicles to drive targeted consumers to Silverado’s website and foot traffic to their store.

After Root Marketing

Below are the social media and website statistics for Silverado after Root Marketing implemented a five month online marketing strategy and sales funnel.

Facebook: 2,834 Fans +1,275% Growth
Instagram: 1,313 Followers +195% Growth
Website Visitors: 3,672 Users per month +6,020 Growth
Email List: +501 people added to email list
Architectural Salvage Keyword: Ranks their website on the first page of Google
Reclaimed Wood Keyword: Ranks their website on page 1-2 on Google
Increase Brand Awareness and Foot Traffic From Facebook Ads

Root Marketing knew that Facebook ads were the most cost effective way to help introduce Silverado to its target market within the Los Angeles area.

We developed a blog post that would pique a Facebook user’s curiosity and introduce them to all of the services that Silverado has to offer. We targeted men and women that live within 25 miles of Silverado Salvage and Design’s warehouse. Alos, who were interested in reclaimed wood, antique, woodworking and architectural salvage.

The results from this single advertising campaign have been outstanding to say the least, and we will let the numbers speak for themselves.

Results from Ad Campaign:

Traffic to Website: 13,879 new website visitors
Impressions: 260,811 within the Los Angeles Area
Reach: 132,081 people within the Los Angeles Area
Cost Per Website Click: $0.16
Reactions (Formerly Likes): 1,447
Comments: 152
Shares: 1,008

This single Facebook Advertisement demonstrates SS&D’s brand being exposed to hundreds of thousands of people within their geographical target market. This advertisement alone has driven countless people to Silverado’s warehouse and has brought in more antique and reclaimed wood sales as well as custom design projects.


“Silverado Salvage and Design retained Root Marketing a year ago to rebrand our business and create a consistent and productive marketing campaign with a new website, logo, social media and print components all unified and reflective of the calibre of our design work.

We were in the situation of having great products that are highly in demand…..but we were unsure of how to introduce those products to the right customers at an affordable price…..Thanks to Root Marketing….”Problem Solved”!

Tod, Brad and Blake as well as their team created a great website that our clients frequently take the time to praise, a Facebook campaign that is organically growing our database, creating direct customer inquiries, substantial incremental sales and driving new customers into our warehouse in Vernon (Los Angeles).

If you’re considering Root Marketing for your marketing efforts….I can’t think of a better decision a small business could make. They offer good value, quick reaction, great creative concepts and measurable results that will maximize the return on your marketing budget investments!”

Jeff Mack, Owner of Silverado Salvage & Design