How Orange County Businesses Can Get Massive Results From Facebook Ads

Do you think Facebook ads are only for online businesses or eCommerce websites?

Have you heard that local brick and mortar businesses can benefit from Facebook ads?

Facebook’s advertising platform is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the Internet.

Whether you have a restaurant, retail store or service-based business, Facebook ads can drive your ideal customer through the door to make a purchase.

There are three features in the Facebook ads manager that make it ideal for local Brick and Mortar businesses to target local customers.

Location Pinpointing

The Facebook ads manager allows you to target people within a certain radius of your business address.

This is perfect for businesses that know how far their customers are willing to travel to come to their store.

In the example below, we input the location of a popular restaurant in downtown Laguna Beach.

We know that customers are willing to travel up to 12 miles to visit this restaurant so we set the radius to 12 miles.

You also have the ability to target who, within that location, you want the ads to be seen by.

Facebook will let you target people who:

  • Live within the designated radius
  • Were recently in the designated radius
  • Who is traveling in the designated radius
  • Or all of the above


This feature lets businesses segment their audiences so they can deliver different marketing messages to different audiences.

For example, you may want a marketing campaign that targets only people traveling within your designated radius (aka- tourists) during the summer.

At the same time, you can run a separate campaign that only targets people who live within your designated radius (aka-locals).

The power of segmentation within Facebook’s ad platform is extremely powerful and local businesses can use it to their advantage.


Does your local business only cater toward women who are between the ages of 30-45?

Is your business looking to bring in men between the ages of 18-25?

demographics screenshot

If your business exclusively caters toward a certain gender, age group or both, you can narrow your audience by using Facebook’s demographic targeting feature.

Age, gender and languages are all-powerful targeting features that will help you zone in to pinpoint your ideal customer that live near your business.

Detailed Targeting

Detailed targeting is the most powerful tool inside the ads manager, and it allows you to target your people based on their interests, online behavior or additional demographics.

The targeting possibilities are limitless.

Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Target parents who have children between the ages of 6-8 and who interested in private schools
  • First-time homebuyers who drive a Mercedes
  • People who are interested in mountain biking


There are millions of different detailed targeting combination that you can create on Facebook

More than one and a half billion people use Facebook. Your target audience is on the platform. You just have to know how to target them.

Learn More About Facebook’s Ad Platform

Using all of the targeting features that we discussed in the article in combination with one another will help any local Orange County business target their ideal customer.

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