How Retargeting Can Prevent You From Losing Customers

I want you to take a quick break from your day to meet our friend, John. He is a curious consumer that is interested in having business cards printed for himself and his employees.

John does a quick Google search and starts researching different Orange County companies that print business cards.

He visits several different websites and ultimately determines two different companies that he likes: Business Card Printers and Advanced Printers.

The phone rings and John has to abandon ordering new business cards to attend to an urgent business matter.

Throughout the day as John attends to different business matters he starts seeing ads from Advanced Printers on different websites that he is browsing.

However, John is too busy at the moment to stop what he is doing to order business cards.

Later that evening after a long day at work John is browsing his Facebook newsfeed.  there again he sees an advertisement from Advanced Printers.

This time they are offering a 10 percent discount. Now that John finally has a moment to think about business cards, he clicks on the ad and orders his cards from Advanced Printers.

Why Did Advanced Printers Win John’s Business?

Did John like Advanced Printers more than Business Card Printers? Not necessarily.

Advanced Printers won John’s business because the company made sure they stayed top-of-mind.  When John was ready to purchase, they were there.

Advanced Printers did this with retargeting, also known as remarketing and that is why they won John’s business.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a form of advertising that helps keep your brand in front of customers after they leave your website.

It is a cookie-based technology that anonymously follows people that have visited your company’s website and serves them ads at the appropriate time.

To some people, this might sound creepy or intrusive, but the truth is that when it is done right retargeting ads are neither.

They are informative advertisements that help a user eventually find their way back to your website to perform an action that they forgot to take.

People are busy and get distracted easily.

They may have wanted to fill out your contact form, purchase your product or even called your business, but something came up. Reminding them of that is not a bad thing.

Does Retargeting Work?

Retargeting is extremely effective. Only 2% of people who visit your website for the first time convert. Retargeting helps you reach 98% of visitors who don’t.

Retargeting works because it keeps your brand on the top of each consumer’s mind. So, that when they are ready to engage with your brand or purchase your product they know exactly where to go.

Remember that every time a potential consumer sees your advertisement.  You are increasing your brand awareness, and your brand gets more recognition with that user.

Retargeting is a powerful tool. If you are interested in how your brand can utilize retargeting as a part of your marketing strategy, get in touch.  

As an Orange County Marketing Agency, Root Marketing is happy to discuss your particular situation and how we can help.