Is Shopify For You?

Is Shopify for you?

IS Shopify Right For You!

Why do we recommend Shopify?

It’s perfect for those who sell goods or services that need a minimal amount of configuration. What does that mean? You can either sell a single product or many products by implementing a Shopify platform to achieve a solid ROI and ultimately boost your business revenue.  We are proud to be Shopify Partners and have the skills and knowledge to help you launch or reconfigure your eCommerce business.

The average eCommerce store has a conversion rate of two to three percent. Our goal is to get your eCommerce store to a consistent conversion rate of three to five percent. 

Root Marketing has a specialized design formula that we use to help a potential customer not only feel safe about purchasing from your website but feel influenced by others to make that purchase as well.

eCommerce has entirely changed the business scenario, and it continues to evolve as more consumers research and shop for products online. 

We aren’t alone in working with Shopify exclusively. Over 800,000 businesses of all sizes are powered by Shopify. Big brands, small brands, and thousands of entrepreneurs trust Shopify to run their engines. 


Here are 5 reasons why you should consider Shopify for your eCommerce store.

At Root Marketing, we have done our research and have had the experience of working with multiple platforms. Shopify continually outperformed, and that is why we now work exclusively implementing Shopify platforms for our eCommerce clients.  

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