Root Marketing New Marketing Services

Today, we are excited to announce that we are heading back to our roots!

Before your business was born, you had an idea that sparked the birth of your company. This idea was like a seed, and if you wanted it to grow into something more than an idea you had to nurture it.

Roots are the most important and powerful part of a tree. There can be no growth or expansion of any kind without them as a base. Roots begin as separate entities from a common source, and as they develop, they come back together in unity, intertwined in a common goal.

They provide the tree with a strong foundation for growth and supply it with water and nutrients during its lifetime. Without strong roots, a tree cannot survive.

With this sentiment in mind, Root is proud to present the launch of our new name and website.

Root Marketing

In order to meet the needs of our clients and provide more value to our customers, Root is expanding their services beyond graphic design. In order to help businesses build a Strong Foundation for Growth, we will now offer Marketing Services.

Our transition from Root Creative Group to Root Marketing represents the union of our roots in marketing and design, and a strengthened approach to establishing their clients and customers in their industry.

The award-winning graphic design team of Root Marketing joins forces with their new marketing department to give our clients and potential customers a single place for all their growth needs.

Some of Root Marketing’s new services will include Facebook Management, Email Marketing, Blogging, Pay Per Click Advertising, Retargeting and many other services.

New Roots, New Initiative

Along with a new name and expanded services, Root Marketing also has a new initiative that we are going to undertake. America’s majestic national forests are threatened by more unprecedented challenges than ever before. We have decided that it is going to take action to help change that.

Root will plant 5 or more trees in an American national forest in each of our clients’ names for every completed marketing campaign or design project.

When you work with Root Marketing, you contribute to the protection and restoration of our National Forest System.