We have the Secret Sauce

We have the Secret Sauce
Drive more traffic to your website

Why your website’s conversion rate matters. 

Your Conversion Rate is the number of people who visit your website divided by the number of people who took the desired action you are measuring – typically leads or sales. 

If 100 people visit your website, and 1 person purchases your product, then your conversion rate is 1 percent. 

Your conversion rate is an excellent indicator of a successful website, product, service, or marketing campaign. 


Lead Generation
Why should I take the next step with your business?


eCommerce Stores
If your conversion rate is less than 1 %, you are probably driving low-quality traffic to your website. Your company should rethink the targeting of your traffic campaigns. 

Fast Casual Restaurants 
People are landing on your website, but not a single sign up for a discount or free item. The form is either not working or the location of the offer might be hard to see or hard to find.

Service Industry
What are your services? Are they simply written and communicated? If your site is not converting, take a look at your copy and graphics to gain more traction. 


Start closely tracking the conversion rates on your website by installing Google Analytics

Then,  create goals to start tracking conversion rates. Create a goal for each desired outcome that you would like to happen on your website – fill out a lead form, sign up for a coupon, call your business, etc. 

Every industry is different, but ideally, you should have a conversion rate of at least one to two percent. 

The goal for our clients is a conversion rate of three percent or higher. 

Already tracking your conversion rate, but want to learn how to get it higher? 

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