What’s your customer service rating?

What’s your customer service rating?

First, you have to ask yourself… What makes your customer service stand out?

Think about this as you read on…

Root Marketing has been at this for many years now, and providing outstanding customer service has always been one of our core values.

There are three things that we focus on when it comes to customer service.

Keeping our clients informed

If you sell products, are you regularly communicating with your customers? Sending out new product announcements or providing valuable information on what you sell keeps you top of mind and demonstrates you value them as a client.

If you are providing a service, make sure your client is involved every step of the way. Regular communication most always benefits you and your client.

If customers don’t hear from you, they will begin to worry. Build trust and establish credibility by keeping them informed.

Nothing should come out of left field

Most importantly, good customer service is no substitute for a good product or service. You have to be able to deliver the goods.

Does your product provide value to your customers? What differentiates you from the competition?

If you provide a service, your pricing should be detailed so there are no guessing games in your contract.

Encourage your client’s feedback. Remember, nothing kills your credibility faster than changing the scope without a client’s approval.

Regardless if you are delivering a product or service, always follow up. Emails are a great way to connect clients post-purchase.

If you have completed a service, exceed your client’s expectations by reaching out to ensure everything is working to their satisfaction and if there is anything else they need?

By providing excellent service to your clients goes a long way for your success and the success of the businesses you work with…it’s a WIN-WIN for everyone.