Why Design Matters

3 Unbelievable Ways Your Company Can Benefit From Good Design

Why Design Matters

Did you know that your business has only three seconds to attract, engage, and retain a visitor?

That’s why it’s essential to have a website with fantastic design and easy navigation. If your website can’t do that, most likely, your competition’s website can. That is why you are losing business to your competitor.

First impressions are essential. If you do not believe us, then ask Google. In fact, as humans, our first impression tends to be reasonably accurate over time.

our website is the first impression for a potential client.

Here are a few things that pop into a person’s head when they see a poorly designed or outdated website:

  • Can I trust this company?
  • If they are good as they say, then why can’t they afford a decent website?
  • Is this even the right company?
  • I think I will look for someone else.


The user should flow effortlessly throughout your website without getting confused, lost, or wondering what to do next.

Your Call to Action button should easily lead the user to perform a direct action such as filling out a form, calling your business, or purchasing a product.

Superior design is often overlooked at being a core competence or a differentiated factor for many companies, but that is incorrect.

A well-designed website can help your business achieve three goals
1. Stand out from the competition

Design is the quickest way to stand out from your competition. The human eye can determine if it likes a design in less than a second. This means a visitor to your website will instantly connect with it or be turned away.

Stunning website design will help you to retain website visitors and stand out from the competition.

It will also allow you to capture and engage visitors who may have previously been on your competitor’s website.

Be viewed as an authority in your industry

Think about the leaders in your industry. Go and take a look at each of their websites.

In most cases, they will have a well-designed website that reflects their knowledge and expertise. People associate good design with authority.

When your business establishes authority online, it will have an easier time engaging website visitors and converting them. This is because the visitor feels that they are in a trustworthy and secure online environment.

Acheive Your Business Goals

When you work with the right design company, they can help you build a website around your business goals.

Prioritize optimum web design, and the sooner you do, the quicker you will see a return on investment.

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