Why Not Maintaining Your Facebook Page Could Be Hurting Your Business

Facebook Pages.

A lot of businesses have them. Very few businesses actually put in the time and effort to maintain them.

We aren’t going to lie to you and tell you that consistently updating your Facebook page isn’t a lot of work because it is.

There are plenty of articles on the Internet touting that you can maintain your page in as little as 15 minutes per day or an hour per week.

But- you are a business owner or a marketing professional and squeezing in an hour for Facebook per week may not be possible.

Not to mention you may not see the value of putting in that hour of time if your page receives very little engagement.

In fact, most Facebook pages these days receive minimal organic engagement due to Facebook algorithm updates.

Despite the low engagement, the time and investment to post on Facebook, it is still worth the effort.

People Check Your Facebook Page

Facebook has over 1.44 billion users. That is billion with a B.

There are so many people using the social networking that we can almost guarantee that your customers and potential customers are using it.  

More likely than not most people are checking your Facebook page before they are making a purchase.

According to a study by G/O Digital, 62 percent of people check a business’s Facebook page over any other social platform when they want to learn more about a business.

The same study found that 80 percent of people would be more likely to purchase from a company if they saw positive reviews on its Facebook page.

It is important that your Facebook page is updated regularly so people just don’t stumble upon a barren wasteland of information.

An outdated Facebook page is a huge turn off to consumers and people visiting your site.

Seeing a four-year-old post makes people question if your company is still in business and if they are, how well are they doing.

If your business is taking advantage of Facebook’s robust and extremely effective advertising platform, then updating your Facebook page is a must.

If your ads are appearing on a person’s newsfeed and they click through to your Facebook page, they are going to be a little puzzled when they see an outdated newsfeed.

Keeping your Facebook Page updated is a must.

How Often You Should Post

At a recent Facebook, Small Business Post-event Facebook recommended that businesses post at least 1-2 times per week on their page.

Facebook then went on to say that posting 3 to 5 times is recommended.

Post any less than three times per week, and it might be hard to build an audience or see a substantial result.

Any more than five times per week and users might believe that you are spamming their newsfeed.  

However, we have to disagree with Facebook on this one. We believe that posting 5 to 7 times per week on Facebook is optimal to see the best results.

If a user sees one post per day, they aren’t going to consider it spam or intrusive. They liked your page so they could see content from your brand.

The keyword in that last sentence was if.

With Facebook’s recent algorithm updates somewhere between 2 to 20 percent of your page fans will actually see the content.

That is why you shouldn’t be worried about spamming your newsfeed if you are posting around 7 times per week.

Your Plan of Attack

Okay, so have you decided that you want to start posting regularly on your Facebook page?

Yes? Great!

Okay here is what you need to do to ensure that you post regularly and effectively as possible.

Step 1: Create A Content Calendar

Bust out an Excel spreadsheet and title each row a different day of the week.

Now you are going to come up with a theme for each day of the week.

For example, Monday’s you could post an informative article related to your industry.

On Tuesday’s you can post tip that will help your target market accomplish a task faster or more effectively.

Do this until you have a theme for each day.

Once your content calendar is complete, you will now need to make content for each day.

Step 2: Write your Content

After you are finished creating your content calendar, your next task is to create content for the week.

Your content should contain eye-catching images or videos and should be relevant to your industry or target audience.

You can post content that your business creates as well as other content that you find on the Internet as long as it relates to your business.

The easiest way to find content on the Internet that relates to your business is to create a Feedly account.

This account will help you find content that is related to your industry. You can save the website and blogs that you like in your account.

This helps you find relevant articles in a flash.

A common question that is asked is, “How much of my own content should I post and how much should be other people’s content?”

Depending on who you talk with you will get a wide variety of different answers. However, everyone overcomplicates things.

Post as much of your own relevant content as you have.

Take Buzzfeed as an example- they publish new content daily so there is no reason why they need to publish other people’s content to their Facebook page.

However, if you are only producing one new piece of content per week then you may have to fill some of your posts with content produced by other websites and there is nothing wrong with that.

Here are some additional guidelines to follow when posting:

  • Content should be engaging, relevant and timely
  • Delete your links after the link preview has appeared
  • Use insights to determine the best time post for your audience
  • Facebook is a visual platform. Make sure your posts look pretty

Step 3: Schedule Your Content

Facebook has a post scheduler for a reason- they know you are busy.

Once you have created your content calendar and written your content for the week, the next step is to schedule your content.

To schedule, a post all you have to do is click the down arrow next to the publish button on your Facebook page.

The first drop-down under the menu will be scheduled. Just click this button and select the time and date that you want your boost to go out at.

Schedule all of your content for Monday through Sunday at the optimal times that the audience is using Facebook. Usually, this is early in the morning or after work.

Once you have scheduled your content, your Facebook page is ready to go with engaging content to be posted throughout the week.

On the Friday of each week create new content for your Facebook page for the following week using your content calendar.

This will allow you to stay ahead of the game and ensure that you are posting consistently.

It is important to note that if something exciting happens in your business or if you have some breaking news or event that you want to post pictures you should feel free to post on the fly instead of scheduling it for the following week!

Wrap Up

People are checking your Facebook page and keeping it updated is only going to help your business attract and gain new customers.

By following our posting strategy you should be able to post to your Facebook Page consistently each week.

Checking your page regularly should become a habit to make sure you respond to any comments or questions on the post.

If you haven’t looked into the Facebook Advertising platform yet, now would be a good time.

Facebook ads network is extremely powerful and it can help drive highly targeted traffic to your website. Root Marketing is a local Orange County Marketing agency and we would be happy to discuss your particular situation.